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There’s a good reason why using warm water for aches & pains has stood the test of time.

Warm water has a number of magical benefits to help provide some welcomed relief from those uncomfortable aches & pains:

1. It reduces the force of gravity that’s compressing your joints

The buoyancy of floating in a hot tub of water helps relieve pressure on your joints, giving you some welcomed relief from your aches & pains.

2. Provides 360-degree support for sore limbs

Soaking in warm water helps to lift your limbs. This helps to improve your joint movements as it offers 360-degree support.

3. Increases circulation

The warm water in your bath acts to widen your blood vessels, which gives more room for blood to flow to aid the oxidation process to speed up joint healing. Consider adding some Epsom salts to your warm bath too. Filled with Magnesium, they can not only help to relieve tension in your muscles, but also reduce inflammation which can cause pain.

4. Reduces swelling and inflammation

Floating in warm water can really help to relieve swollen arms and legs. The pressure from the water gets your circulation moving and gives your body a welcomed break from the constant pull of gravity.

If you struggle to get in and out of your bath but would love to enjoy all the benefits they could bring, get in touch with AquaLift today. AquaLift allows you to get in and out of your bath without the worry of losing your balance or slipping, or the expense of changing your bathroom so you can enjoy a relaxing bath once more.