Fits on to your existing bath
No plumbing required
Fitted in under 1 hour
Free nationwide installation
No plumbing requiredFitted in under 1 hourFree UK wide delivery

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Is getting in and out of your bath becoming a challenge? The AquaLift bath lift could help you enjoy full depth bathing once more…

Many people enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath at the end of the day and can feel very disheartened if this pleasure is taken away.

As you age it may become difficult or even impossible to get in or out of the bath safely. However, in most cases these difficulties can be overcome using the AquaLift bath lift.

Rediscover full depth bathing

The AquaLift® bath lift lowers you safely to the bottom of your bath for you to enjoy a warm, full-depth, relaxing soak. Once you’ve finished simply press the button on your remote control to be raised effortlessly up.

The AquaLift® bath lift fits onto your existing bath, meaning no plumbers or builders making drastic changes to your
bathroom – saving you £££s!

  • Fits onto your existing bath
  • Retractable for conventional use
  • Lowers and raises you
  • Built in water display
  • Safe, comfortable and reliable

To find out how the AquaLift bath lift could help you to enjoy your bath once more, call our friendly team today on 0800 028 2802 or click here to request your free colour brochure.