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We’re sure you’ll agree that a wonderful way to soothe aching joints and muscles is with a relaxing, warm bath. If you or somebody who lives with you has mobility issues and struggles to get in and out of the bath, then installing a bath lifter to help. There are many benefits that a bath lifter could bring you but did you know there is a way you could enhance your bathing experience even further? Why not try adding some of these herbs and essential oils whilst having a soak in your bath:

To improve your sleep try…

Lavender & Vanilla

If you struggle getting to sleep at night, a few drops of these essential oils will help to make you feel sleepy

To help your aches and pains try….


This has a cooling effect helping to increase your blood circulation which in turn aids tissue repair and regeneration


Help recovery of strained muscles by adding some eucalyptus to your bath. It can also help those who have colds.

To help irritated skin try…

Baking soda

As well as helping to draw out toxins in your skin, baking soda in your bath can leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Who’d have thought!

Whichever condition may be affecting you, adding these herbal and essential oils to your bath can help to make bath time even more beneficial. Do you have any other tips for making the most out of your bath? Let us know on our Facebook page.