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3 Easy Steps To A Safe Relaxing Bath

You can now enjoy easy, full-depth, comfortable bathing and get in and out of your own bath without the worry of losing your balance or slipping. The AquaLift® bathing aid is all that's needed to gently lower you into the water from a comfortable seated position. When it's time to get out, AquaLift® conveniently raises you level to the seat once more, so you can simply transfer out of the bath. Not only is AquaLift® one of the slimmest and most compact of designs, but it has also been made to be one of the safest and most affordable ways to enjoy all of your existing bath without compromise.

1 Sit on the transfer seat

Sit on the transfer seat so that you are comfortable and turn to face the bath. Feel safe and secure with the sturdy handrail and transfer seat.

2 Slide onto the non-slip cushion

Slide onto the non-slip cushion seat and begin lowering yourself down using the handset.

3 lower yourself down

Continue lowering yourself down using the handset (or the buttons on the AquaLift itself if you prefer) until you reach the bottom of your bath.

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Why Choose AquaLift®

Since launching in 2005, AquaLift® has been installed in over 14,000 homes, enabling thousands of people to enjoy safe, easy, full depth bathing.

If you have trouble getting in and out of the bath and the thought of bathing has become a daunting prospect, AquaLift® is the simple, affordable solution for you.

The AquaLift unit fits onto your existing bath, so there is no need for any expensive or messy alterations to your bathroom; no builders or plumbers are required.

It also means that the AquaLift can be retracted for normal bath use, unlike many bath aids.

Fits onto your existing bath

Retractable for conventional use

Lowers & raises you comfortably

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