5 Brilliant Benefits of Bath Lifts

Discover 5 Brilliant Benefits of Bath Lifts For The Elderly And Transform Your Saferty And Independence at Bath Time Today

bathlift benefits

Tasks that we find simple and easy to achieve can sometimes become more difficult to perform as we get older. For less mobile people, day-to-day tasks such as bathing can become a struggle, often causing distress and upset. With a bath lift, those who would otherwise have needed assistance getting in and out of the bath can enjoy the pleasure of independent bathing once more. In this blog we explore 5 brilliant benefits of bath lifts:

1. Gain back your independence

One of the first benefits of bath lifts is that it provides an unrivaled level of convenience and independence. Bath lifts help to make getting in and out of the bath tub a more effortless experience for individuals with limited mobilityYou have the power to bathe whenever you wish, giving back your independence and freedom at bath time.

Regain your independence with a bath lift

2. Save money

The cost effective alternative to walk in baths, a bath lift eliminates the need for expensive bathroom alterations by attaching directly onto your bath. Furthermore the belt is able to retract, allowing conventional bath use by others.


3. Safety

Bath lifts gently and safely lower you in and out of the bathtub. This allows you to bathe, relax and pamper yourself without the worry of getting in and out. Additionally, certain models such as the AquaLift also come equipped with a non-slip transfer seat ensuring further safety when using your bath.


4. Ease of use

AquaLift bath lifts take on average an hour to install and are exceptionally easy to use. The lift can be controlled using your hand-held unit (or the buttons on the AquaLift itself if you prefer). This means that you are always in control when getting in or out of your bath.

easy to use control

5. Comfort

There is no better feeling than submerging yourself into a relaxing bath to enjoy full depth bathing. Traditionally, walk in baths restrict you to waiting until all the water has drained. This can leave you feeling uncomfortable and cold and you often have to sit upright. By using a bath lift you can lie back and soak your aching muscles in a warm bath, getting out at your leisure.

comfortable bath lift benefit

How To Make Time In Your Bath lifter Even More Beneficial

As discussed there are many benefits that a bath lifter could bring you. Did you know there is a way you could enhance your bathing experience even further? Why not try adding some of these herbs and essential oils whilst having a soak in your bath:

To improve your sleep try…Lavender & Vanilla

If you struggle getting to sleep at night, a few drops of these essential oils will help to make you feel sleepy

To help your aches and pains try…


This has a cooling effect helping to increase your blood circulation which in turn aids tissue repair and regeneration


Help recovery of strained muscles by adding some eucalyptus to your bath. It can also help those who have colds.

To help irritated skin try… Baking soda

As well as helping to draw out toxins in your skin, baking soda in your bath can leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Who’d have thought!

Talk to our experts about installing a bath lift

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