Aqualift pull out seat
Aqualift pull out seat

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How To Improve Your Bathroom Safety – A Guide For The Elderly

To overcome the safety issues faced in your bathroom you may be concerned that the only solution is to undergo an expensive bathroom transformation. However this is not always the case. Our informative guide outlines a number of cheaper alternatives that you can consider to help prevent otherwise avoidable injuries from occurring.

5 Brilliant Benefits of Bath Lifts

With a bath lift, those who would otherwise have needed assistance getting in and out of the bath can enjoy the pleasure of independent bathing once more. In this blog we explore 5 brilliant benefits of bath lifts:

Bath Lift vs Bath Cushion: Which Is Best For Me?

Bath cushions are ideal for those people who experience problems when getting in and out of the bath.

As they use suction cups to stay in place, they are portable, so are good for people who travel around a lot.

One big problem with Bathing cushions is that they aren’t the most comfortable mobility device to relax on.

Accessible Bathing Without Needing A Brand-New Bathroom

Loss of mobility can turn bathing into a rather difficult task. Furthermore, the concept of purchasing and installing a whole new bathroom can be daunting. Although walk-in baths were once the only real accessible bathing solution, nowadays there are more options that don’t require a brand-new bathroom

How To Adapt Your Bathroom If You Have Arthritis

One room that causes particular difficulties to sufferers of arthritis can be the bathroom. This is mainly due to the increased risk of falls and accidents.

In this post we explain 6 simple, low-cost measures that can be taken to help adapt your bathroom, making it easier and safer for you to use now and in the future.

Bath Lifts vs Bath Hoists

There are various solutions out there to make your new lifestyle easier, so there is no need to panic! Bathing is an essential part of our everyday tasks and lack of mobility may get in the way of this. Today we’re going to compare whether Bath lifts vs bath hoists would be best for you.

How Do Bath Lifts Work?

A bath lift is a powered device connected to a domestic bathtub. Bath lifts work by elevating and lowering the user in and out of the bath. Bath lifts are most often used by individuals or carers to assist a person with limited mobility using their bath. With its use, access to the bath becomes safe and easy once more.

Bath lifts vs Walk in Showers For Older People

If you are concerned that your mobility is declining, or you are simply thinking ahead and anticipating your future needs, it’s important to ensure you have an effective bathing solution in place for your comfort and security.

Getting out of Bath Tub: Step By Step Guide

Rather than waiting until you slip or have a fall before you decide you need help, installing a product now that makes your life easier is an investment for the future.