Bath Lift vs Bath Cushion: Which Is Best For Me?

Both a bath lift and a bath cushion can allow you to enjoy independent bathing experiences. Compare the benefits of each to find the best option for you. 

Bath lift vs bath cushion

Entering and exiting the bath can be a daunting task for those with limited mobility. However, the AquaLift bath lift can help you to regain your independence when bathing.

Although both a bath lift and a bath cushion can allow you to enjoy independent, full-depth bathing experiences, an AquaLift bath lift has many unique features that will benefit you.

What is a Bath Cushion?

A bath cushion (otherwise known as a bathing cushion) is an inflatable cushion placed in the bath. It can be inflated and deflated, via an easy to use control, to help the user in and out of the bath.

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of a Bath Cushion?

Bath cushions are ideal for those people who experience problems when getting in and out of the bath.

As they use suction cups to stay in place, they are portable, so are good for people who travel around a lot.

One big problem with Bathing cushions is that they aren’t the most comfortable mobility device to relax on.

Furthermore, the user needs to have enough strength and mobility to be able to get directly into the bath with no support.

bath cushion problems

A Bath Lift is a Smart Alternative To A Bathing Cushion

A bath lift is a battery-operated device that can be attached to the side of any bath. The lift lowers you gently into and out of the bath, and can be controlled with ease by using a hand-held remote, making independent bathing simple and enjoyable again.

The AquaLift® bath lifter is one of the safest and most comfortable bath lifts available and has been designed to fit most baths taking up minimal space.

Due to the fact that AquaLift can be attached to any bath, it is a cheap alternative to many bathing aids, including bath cushions.

Designed with your safety in mind, featuring a non-slip transfer seat to help to keep you safe from slips and falls even when you are drying yourself. They also offer a grab rail aid to offer extra support when you’re entering and exiting the bath tub.

How Could It Help Me?

✔ Improved Confidence: bath lifts are the ultimate bathing solution for those who have lost confidence when bathing, perhaps due to a slip or a fall.

✔ Independence: they enable you to enjoy independent and dignified bathing experiences once again

✔ Safe and relaxed: our bath lifts are designed with key safety features to offer you peace of mind when you are bathing

What Are The Features Of An AquaLift Bath Lift?

Our bath lifts have a variety of key features that can benefit you!

✔  Transfer seat to make getting into and out of the bath even more simple

✔  Non-slip seat for extra added safety

✔  A visible temperature display to prevent scolding when entering the bath

✔  Easy to remove so others can still enjoy conventional bathing experiences

✔  Can be fitted to almost any bath

✔  20 stone weight capacity

✔  Battery operated meaning there is no risk of tripping over any wires

✔  Folds away for easy storage


Bath lift vs Bath Cushion: Which is better?

There are multiple benefits that an AquaLift bath lift has over a bath cushion. One of them is the fact that they have a transferable seat, making entering the bath even more simple. Take a look at this comparison of benefits that you can get from both bathing aids.

Feature AquaLift Bath Cushion
Full Soak
Transfer SeatX
Drying AidX
Bath Side HandholdX
Wall Side Hand Hold
Handhold AccessibilityTop & BottomN/A
Slip CushionX
Temperature DisplayX
Full Leg Room
Can User Fully Recline?
Splash Proof Handset
Easy To Remove For Others
Suitable For Corner BathsX
Suitable For Island Baths
Weight Capacity20 Stone18-19 Stone
Battery OperatedUsually Mains
Average Lifts Per Charge20+5-10

What are Customers Saying?

AquaLift has helped 1000's of people enjoy using their bath once more and it could help you too:

"I needed a Bath Lift to help me into and out of bath AquaLift came out to me I got sorted out now I can have a soak in bath which is super with out worrying about getting in and out at last"

Enjoy Safe, Comfortable, Full-Depth Bathing Once More

Enjoy easy, full-depth, comfortable bathing and get in and out of your own bath without the worry of losing your balance or slipping.

For a free brochure, call 0800 028 2802 or click here to request your free brochure today.

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